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“Courage is doing the right thing
even when it's hard”   

Twenty years ago, I ignored God's warning and continued down a path of infidelity. Twelve years ago, I believed my worth was based solely on accomplishments and obedience. Ten years ago, I finally listened to God's voice and began seeking my identity in Him. I learned to stand up for myself and find my voice. Today, I continue to prioritize God's plan, even if it means saying no to people's opinions.

My Fearless Growth™ Journey has included facing rejection, criticism, and abuse, but I realized that the fear others projected onto me was not of God.  I seek the truth that sets me free, as freedom is a core need of my personality type. I am me, created by God, with purpose, for a purpose, to live on purpose, just as you are you. 

"The right thing and the hard thing are usually the same thing"   Becky

Hey there! Are you ready for Fearless Growth? My gig? I'm all about helping you unleash your full potential and lead a life that's not just significant but filled with deep meaning.

In my journey, I've rolled with all kinds of folks – from high-flying executives to university peeps, church crew, and community leaders. And as a co-owner of a private brokerage, I've learned a ton about helping people like you hit their goals and find their true selves.

So, let's kick it on a fearless journey of personal growth where every experience is on your terms, hands-on, meaningful, and uniquely all about you! Come' on, let's change lives, and check cows together! 

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Becky has over a decade of experience in public speaking and has been inspiring and empowering individuals and organizations across various industries, including businesses, universities, churches, and community groups. As a co-owner of a private brokerage company and a published author, Becky brings a unique perspective and valuable insights to her talks. Her passion for growing and equipping others to reach their full potential is contagious, and her mission is to help others realize their significance and purpose in life.

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