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Personal and spiritual growth is a continuous process that requires honesty, humility, and heart. It can be challenging to face our struggles and shortcomings, but it is necessary for growth and progress. It is also important to remember that we are not alone in this journey and that we can seek guidance and support from God and others along the way.

It is never too late to start over and make positive changes in our lives. Through our united efforts to do God's work and impact others with His love, we can create a better world and leave a lasting legacy of hope, freedom, and courage. 


Fearless Growth® expert Becky Michel, teaches people how to overcome their fears and live a life of freedom, boldness, love, peace, and sincerity. She reminds us that we have been given power, love, and a sound mind, not a spirit of fear.


Michel encourages people to embrace their true selves, accept their past, and choose to see their life's circumstances in a positive light. She reminds us that deliverance is possible for anyone, anytime, and that we have the ability to make changes and grow into our best selves. It's not a sprint, but a continual slow and steady marathon until the day we die.

So what legacy will you leave? Will you find Freedom in Fearless Growth? 

Can we achieve balance in life during our lifetime? Unsure. Personally, I've been on a growth journey for a decade and still haven't figured it out.

It's important to balance open-mindedness with caution, as too much openness can lead to confusion and vulnerability, while being too closed-minded can lead to judgement. Seeking God's wisdom through scripture and personal growth is key, as well as addressing small personal issues holding us back.


Are you ready to live freely without limits?

When I started the Fearless Growth series, I thought it would be one book, but God revealed that it was actually three short reads. I thought "No Shame" would be the easiest to write, but it turned out to be the most difficult and humbling. As it often happens, life doesn't go as we plan but as God plans. Ironically, "No Shame" is the first book in the series but the last to be published. I guess we could say that I saved the best for last. Stay tuned for the link!

Free eBook 1 (6 × 9 in) (Postcard) (1).jpg

I have been called a prolific writer. If you know anthing aobut those ADHD, crazy busy brain people, you will know, it's hard to sotp hyperfocusing sometimes. This was one short tool of many I have yet to share. This is  a .99 download (sometimes free) on amazon. 


So tell me...Do you need an attitude adjustment? Sometimes we all do! An attitude of gratitude is something every person should practice yet so often we do not. God puts in each of us a choice. Will you choose to make a difference and be a good example to those around you? Every day, we have the choice to smile or frown. Enjoy this fun journey as we see one smile change the world!


When life gets you down how do you handle it? Do you put on a frown? Or will you be an overcomer? See how one boy deals with his day, as it starts to unfold with trouble, then gets worse.

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