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March 10-12, 2022
Have You Ever Wished You Had More Confidence? Ever wanted to just start over and do life a little better, a little fuller, and less afraid of what others thought if you were to chase your dreams or simply live courageously free to be YOU? 

If you've ever attended a Day of Confidence with Becky you are in for a surprise! Pack your bags we are headed to Branson, making it far more affordable this time, and packed full of her best growth coaching ever! 

What if I said its time! Time to transform into whom God called you to be, not whom you were told to be, not whom others expect you to be, but for the first time you are ready to step into your greatness and throw out the self-doubt and fear that have kept you where you are for much too long. How do I know it's time? Because God has called me to work with you for such a time as this (Esther 4:14), and I fully believe it is not by accident but God's divine purpose that our paths have crossed here today. WELCOME!

This elite invitation is only open to those who are serious about learning to fearlessly grow in 2022. Enter to win tons of giveaways and freebies, and pack your bags for some fearless fun! TRUST ME! We'll have so much fun, you'll wanna "grow with me" every year after this!  

If you will show up full-on and give me 3 days of your life, I promise you will go home with more confidence, boldness, and dreaming bigger than ever. Experience a renewing of your purpose and who you were born to be! 



  • Are walking with Christ, but seem to get off track easily.

  • Have anxiety or fears of attending events, staying with people you don't know, working with people you don't know, being in public, groups, having to talk, traveling, flying, being away from your spouse or family, etc. 

  • Find yourself people-pleasing, and giving entirely too much regard to what others think.

  • Continually seem to fall victim to someone else controlling your life, or decisions?

  • Need confidence!

  • Allow fear to control you on a regular basis and you are tired of giving the enemy that space!

  • Have been living for quite some time as not who you should be and you have now become aware of this.

  • Have a dream or goal that's too big for you but you want to pursue it. 

  • Have allowed others to bully or push you around for too long and are tired. 

  • Have been living in shame or guilt, and are ready to break free from the bondage the enemy uses to keep you uneasy.

  • Do you believe you were called for a specific purpose that only you can complete, but have no idea how to know what that is, or where to even start?

  • Have you had addictions, mental health issues, or another trauma in life that has seemed to keep you stuck and unable to push through to a new level? 

  • Would like to experience freedom on a level that you never have before? 

  • Are you done living for the world or others, and ready to live true unto whom God says you are and live for Him?


  • A vacation and fun-filled trip to putter around and sightsee. 

  • An opportunity to get together with other people and engage in pointless chatter. 

  • A time to escape the mundane of life. 


  • Find yourself having more clarity about the things that hold you back and how to begin changing them.

  • How to STOP n SWITCH, a method I created that helps you make instant changes. You literally can use it forever on your growth journey.

  • What you really want in life and where to start to get there. 

  • How to step into your more confident self. A who, what, where, when, why, and how method. 

  • Find yourself feeling empowered, more confident, bolder, and ready to face your giants. Literally, this is a weekend of empowerment!

  • Consciously self-aware, and able to self examine on a regular basis

  • Have a clear plan of action for your joy flow wheel of life. Your personal fearless growth plan. 

  • Have faced a fear, and learned to overcome with more bravery and heart than ever. 

  • Find yourself feeling excited about embracing the path that will lead to the new and improved version of you.

  • Find that you have new friends who will support and encourage you on your journey to your best self. 


  • Freebies and Giveaways upon registration, until the event date. 

  • 5-star accommodations for 2 nights in Branson MO. The actual place to be announced based on attendance. 

  • All meals and snacks are provided. 

  • A Confidence Box will await you, and will include everything you need for the weekend along with a few surprises! 

  •  Confidence Coaching is based on each person's individual needs. 

  • 2 comfort zone exercises that push you to face a fear and live outside of your personal comfort zone. These are custom to each person. (examples are riding a rollercoaster, talking to strangers, photoshoots, or doing something difficult you have been putting off for a long time-activities are determined upon confirmation of the group so I can pray over and decide after you are registered.)

  • One on One and group coaching sessions with me

YOUR EXCLUSIVE PRICE FOR ALL THIS IS $800 per person! Your exclusive price includes all that is mentioned above, but you will need to get to the destination yourself, in-flight or drive, and to and from the airport. You will want some extra spending money, and arrange transportation around the city, as you never know what we will be up to, and you may want to purchase your own foods or souvenirs. (Contact me to break into two payments)

Register Today and Secure Your Seat!

 Register & Pack Your Bags, it's GROW TIME!

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