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You have everything you need inside to grow into who God says you are. Shut up the negative voices and learn to walk in your purpose, live in freedom, and boldly step into your power. Learn God's love for you and your worth in Him so you can fearlessly live the life God has called you to.

The true enemy isn't our past, mistakes, or weaknesses. It's not about how we present ourselves or the snap judgments we make. We've been living in defeat and division for far too long, avoiding the real culprit. It's time to shut up the wrong voices.

SHUT UP the wrong voices with Becky as she breaks down the way to freedom. Surrender, how do you surrender? By change, however, change isn't always easy. This is why we need God's help to truly surrender to the shame, fear, and limits that hold us back from a life of freedom. The only way we grow is by change. Learn to be self-aware, and confident. Let Becky empower your group, event, and team through Fearless Growth® to stop limiting God in order to reach your higher and fuller potential.


Becky believes in getting brutally honest about the crap that people don't like to talk about, particularly in the church. She also speaks on only what she has been through or has personal experience in. A few of her most sought topics that surround Fearless Growth® and Shutting up the wrong voices are: Growth, Shame, Fear, and Limits.

What makes Fearless Growth® unique? 

1.God has brought and lead Becky through it.

2. It combines spiritual principles, personal development, and a unique perspective on fear and limitations.

3. Fearless Growth® integrates faith into the personal growth journey. It acknowledges a personal relationship rather than religion and having that is the foundation for all growth. This approach allows you to learn and align personal development with your spiritual beliefs, finding strength and purpose in a relationship with God. 

4. Fearless Growth® recognizes the power of fear. It can paralyze or propel us. Rather than avoiding or suppressing fear, we embrace it as a catalyst for growth. By understanding and confronting fears, every person can break free from limitations and experience transformative growth. 

5. Fearless Growth® recognizes that growth is not limited to one area of life, but encompasses various aspects such as emotional well-being, relational, career, spirituality, and encourages you to cultivate growth in all areas to achieve a balance and fulfilled life. "You only have one, start today and make it count." 

6. Authenticity and Realness! You must be willing to be honest with God and yourself. "He knows anyways!" Becky encourages self-expression, having a healthy circle, and stopping the fake crap. Learn your true identity.

7. Through empowerment and resilience learn to take control of your life and make courageous choices providing tools and strategies to overcome obstacles and bounce back stronger. Learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable with confidence. 

Overall, Fearless Growth® offers a unique blend of spiritual insight, personal development strategies, and a fearless mindset. It encourages individuals to step out of their comfort zones, embrace their potential, and live a purpose-driven life filled with growth, authenticity, and empowerment.


Why have Fearless Growth® in my life? 

1. Why not? Call it what you wish, it's Biblical personal growth and development. Overcome limitations and learn to break free from self-imposed limits and step into your full potential.

2. Fearless Growth® encourages exploration of authenticity and self. Discover your passions, values, and desires. Why wonder through life when you can discover a framework for self-reflection and personal development, helping you align your actions with your values.

3. Inner Strength and Resilience: Fearless Growth® will equip you with the tools and mindset to develop inner strength and resilience. It teaches you to navigate challenges and setbacks with courage, perseverance, and a positive attitude, enabling you to bounce back stronger and grow through adversity. Becky admits, she still has a long way to grow on this one!

4. Foster clarity and self-confidence, enabling you to make empowered decisions that align with your goals and values. Through Fearless Growth® learn to trust yourself, hear God's voice and shut up the wrong voices. Learn to make choices that lead to personal fulfillment and success.

5. Fearless Growth® cultivates self-awareness and emotional exploration. It promotes effective communication, empathy, and understanding, allowing individuals to build healthier connections and resolve conflicts constructively.

6. Fearless Growth® integrates spiritual principles and faith, providing a deeper connection to one's spiritual journey. Encouraging you to seek a personal relationship with God, in order to find meaning and purpose in your life and align your actions with your spiritual beliefs.

Ultimately, when you get out of your own way and let God work, Fearless Growth can empower you to live a life of purpose, authenticity, and fulfillment, enabling you the ability to embrace challenge, change, and to seize opportunities, becoming your best version. Contact Becky below for speaking, coaching group classes, breakouts, or keynotes. 




What makes a virtual event with Becky unforgettable? The fact she engages and has your audience engaging & actively seeking change. Your Fearless Growth® Journey is customized to your specific group, everyone gets a special package leading up to the event, everything is very hands on. What are you waiting for? 



Have you ever attended a live event and felt like sneaking out halfway through? Yeah, we've all been there. But guess what? That's not happening here. Becky will call you out and make sure you're fully engaged! Get ready to have a blast, dive deep into your true self, shut up the voices that hold you back, and discover your real desires in life. Each event is tailored to the unique needs of your group. Alright! Let's do this! 

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There's not black or white, but there is right and wrong, with a whole lotta grey opinion in between. - Becky 



Becky is a certified success and life coach with expertise in NLP techniques. While she is skilled in one-on-one coaching and occasionally works with individual clients, her passion lies in group coaching. In a supportive and dynamic environment, Becky facilitates collective growth and transformation through shared experiences.

Group coaching offers a unique opportunity for participants to learn from each other, gain diverse perspectives, and celebrate progress together. It fosters connection, collaboration, and thriving on the journey of personal and professional development.

Although group coaching is her preference, Becky also offers one-on-one coaching in specific situations.

There's not black or white, but there is right and wrong, with a whole lotta grey opionion in between. - Becky

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