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Transformation is Possible, Surrender is Required. 2 Tim 1:7 You must learn to truth


Your Ten Step Process to
Overcome Fear Today

Only when we decide to let go of fear do we grow into who we are meant to be. 


So glad to have you. This will be fun!

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Through Fearless Growth®

You have everything you need inside to grow into who God says you are. Shut up the negative voices and learn to walk in your purpose, live in freedom, and boldly step into your power. Learn God's love for you and your worth in Him so you can fearlessly live the life God has called you to.


The key to freedom is surrender, how do you surrender? By change, however, change isn't always easy. This is why we need God's help to truly surrender to the shame, fear, and limits that hold us back from a life of freedom.  The only way we grow is by change. Learn to be self-aware, and confident. Let Becky empower you through Fearless Growth® to stop limiting God in order to reach your higher and fuller potential.

You are responsible for you

Transformation begins with surrender.  We must surrender to that struggle in order to be able to surrender to the life God has for us.  Living the life of an overcomer means being consciously aware of your state & actions. This enables us to live a more fulfilling, purposeful life, whether that is discovering who you truly are, achieving success, setting new goals and habits, or just taking small strides to win daily! 
Become whom God created you to be! 2015 Confidence Coach, and 2019 Mrs. All American Missouri, Becky Michel 

Becky Michel, Fearless Growth Strategist

Live Fearlessly     Love Fearlessly      Grow Fearlessly

Invite Becky Michel to your next event as a Keynote, Breakout, or MC speaker.

"God has a plan for you, the enemy has a plan for you, equip yourself with wisdom for that battle and which one to embrace".

There's no time like now

Becky's Fearless Growth program provides genuine authenticity. She reaches the needs of your audience while incorporating tools and resources for reaching your full potential through her signature system Fearless Growth®. Whether virtual or in-person, an experience awaits you.

Your audience will gain the mindset of an overcomer, find incredible value and like everyone, want to do it again! Leadership is the foundation of becoming all God wants you to be. Becky has been inspiriting audiences for over a decade, understands people on a very real personal level, and is an astounding Motivational Speaker. She delivers personalized keynotes, and break-out experiences, Click here for more information or to book Becky for an in-person or virtual event.

Chase your dreams

Becky is the Managing Partner of M&H Consulting Group, a private money brokerage firm specializing in connecting investors to funds. She has been working with the public as a leader in multiple businesses and spaces for over two decades, which makes her the perfect Keynote Speaker for any large or small company event.

God restores the broken

Life takes work! It isn't always rainbows, and sunshine, life is going to happen, but when we can be more comfortable in our skin and know our identity in the way that God sees us, we can start to live life through a different lens. In addition to being a speaker, author, coach, and business owner, Becky and her family love the farm life, on their cattle ranch in Missouri. 

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